When Can You Wear Makeup After Laser Eye Surgery?

Patients who have undergone LASIK eye surgery or cataract surgery, as well as PRK eye surgery, should wait at least one week before returning to wearing eye makeup on a regular basis. However, this time period may vary from case to case. Some people will be ready after just a few days, while others may take a little longer. It's usually best to wait a week to apply eye makeup after LASIK eye surgery, cataract surgery, or PRK eye surgery. However, this can be discussed on a case-by-case basis with your doctor. Some patients can wear makeup a few days after LASIK, as directed by the doctor.

We understand that makeup is important to our patients, so here are some steps we recommend taking before, during and after the procedure to ensure that your eyes remain healthy at all times. False eyelashes are not allowed at any time, but can be reapplied after 4 weeks. Most doctors recommend waiting at least a week before putting on makeup after LASIK surgery. While there's no perfect time to put your makeup back on, a week should give your eyes enough time to heal.

Smita, a resident of Vashi, is a model and has to dress up and put on a lot of makeup on her face and eyes on a daily basis as part of her job profile. She was declared suitable for Lasik after her detailed pre-LASIK evaluation at the Lasik Surgery Center of the Sanpada Hospital and Advanced Ophthalmological Institute, New Mumbai. Her first question was when she will be able to put on her makeup again. Naturally, for her it is a professional requirement.

But for many others, it could just be a personal wish or a party they need to attend. I recommended Smita to undergo Smile Lasik surgery. She was advised to wait 7 days after her eye makeup procedure. However, we gave her the opportunity to put makeup on her face after one day.

Avoid wearing eye makeup for one week after LASIK surgery. Not just after Lasik surgery; it's recommended to completely remove all traces of makeup, including lipsticks and facial lotions, even before LASIK surgery. To ensure that there are no marks during surgery, it is recommended not to wear makeup three days before LASIK surgery. That's why people like Smita, who need to wear eye makeup as part of their profession, need to plan their Lasik surgery well.

You should not wear eye makeup for almost ten days; from 3 days before surgery to one week after Lasik surgery. In addition, ReLex Smile is better in these cases, since the size of the incision on the cornea is only 2 mm and, therefore, the risk of eye infection due to the use of eye or face makeup is lower. In addition, the risk of eye injury when applying or removing eye makeup is lower, since with Smile Lasik there is no flap on the cornea and, therefore, there is no risk of the flap displacing. While Laser Eye surgery is now the most frequently performed and one of the safest elective procedures in the world, it's important to remember that it's still a surgical procedure.

When you stop wearing glasses or contact lenses, your eyes will become the focal point of your face and you'll want to experiment, but you should treat them with great care to avoid irritation and the risk of infection. Many people might have guessed that it's probably not the best idea to put on eye makeup right after undergoing LASIK surgery. It's best not to use any type of eye makeup that could peel off and cause irritation or cause the need to rub your eyes. He observed blurred vision and immediately went to the Advanced Eye Hospital's Lasik surgery center.

The latter may sound strange, but the vapor from the perfume can interfere with the laser energy that reaches the eye and, in turn, affect the results. On the day of the Laser Eye procedure, makeup should not be worn; this includes facial makeup, skin lotions, and also perfume.

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