When is it Safe to Wear Makeup After Laser Eye Surgery?

Most medical professionals suggest waiting at least a week before applying makeup after LASIK surgery. This is to give your eyes the necessary time to heal and reduce the risk of any infection or complications. However, the exact time frame may vary from person to person. Some people may be ready after just a few days, while others may take a little longer.

If you know that you will need to put on eye makeup soon, it is best to postpone LASIK surgery until later. During the recovery period, it is okay to use facial makeup such as foundation and concealer, as long as it does not get too close to the eyes. In general, it is best to minimize anything that enters or comes close to your eyes as much as possible after LASIK surgery. This includes avoiding wearing perfume, as it can interfere with the laser energy that reaches the eye and affect the outcome of laser eye surgery.

Wearing eye makeup increases the chance of eye irritation and can also affect eye recovery. When attending your initial laser eye surgery consultation, it is best to arrive without makeup in order to ensure that your test results are accurate. It is recommended that you avoid wearing eye makeup such as eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara for as long as possible after LASIK surgery, but at least one week should be given for the eyes to heal. If you use individual false eyelash extensions, they should be removed one week before laser eye surgery and should not be reapplied until 8 weeks after surgery.

Eye creams should also be avoided for about 2 weeks after surgery and any other products that are applied close to the eyes should be done with care. It is important not to rub or apply excessive force to your eyes when removing makeup, especially during the first few weeks after laser eye surgery, as this can cause irritation. This is because small particles, fibers, or liquids from eye makeup could come into contact with your eyes and increase the risk of developing an infection.

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