How to Prepare for a LASIK Consultation: A Guide for Patients

Preparing for a LASIK consultation is an important step in the process of correcting your vision. Before you can undergo the procedure, you must first find the right clinic with the most sophisticated technology and the best LASIK eye surgery. To ensure that your eye surgery goes smoothly, it's important to follow certain steps to prepare for the procedure. First, you should remove your contact lenses two weeks before your appointment.

This is to ensure that your vision is stable and that your doctor can accurately evaluate your prescription. When you go to your consultation, be sure to bring along your glasses and any other old prescriptions you have. It's also important to gather all the information you need about your medical history. Don't omit or downplay any of your eye or medical problems, medications, or allergies.

Your doctor needs all the details in order to make an informed decision about whether or not LASIK surgery is right for you. On the day of surgery, it's important to avoid drinking alcohol as it can dehydrate and interfere with medications used for the procedure. If you have dry eyes before LASIK surgery, it's best to avoid anything that could worsen them. When determining if LASIK eye surgery is right for your budget, be sure to consider the long-term costs of contact lenses, the hassle of wearing eyeglasses, and the consequences of an inexpensive LASIK procedure.

Dr. Moosa, an eye surgeon at the Excel Laser Vision Institute, believes that if a patient is well prepared for surgery, there is a greater chance that they will be in better condition for the procedure. Keep in mind that the final steps to prepare for LASIK eye surgery may be unique to you and that we recommend that you consult your LASIK surgeon for specific instructions.

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